The way you talk to your kids will directly affect: 

🍯 The way they value themselves 

🍯 Their emotional intelligence

🍯 The person they will become

Even with best intentions as a parent, we can lose focus of the macro view of raising our children. 

We may become focused on making sure our children brush their teeth and go to bed on time, and we forget the important things, such as the way we ask them to brush their teeth and the way we ask them to go to bed.

🌳 How you ask our children to do things can be more important than if they do it or not.

With today’s stresses, after a long day of work, if we are greeted by whiny little human being, well… we may lose our temper, and raise our voice to get what we want.

So what is the solution?

The goal is to treat our children with respect, treat them the way we want them to treat others. 

If you shout to get them to brush their teeth, what do you think they will do at school when things don’t go their way?

🧸 The golden rule to remember day in and day out is: children learn by example

“Kids learn more by example than from anything you say.”

— Jane Pauley

“Your children will become what you are, so be what you want them to be.”

— David Bly

So make sure you are a good example.


🧸 Kids gain habits though repetition. 

Seeing you being a good person repeatedly will help your children develop the habit of being a good person.

🧸 Kids gain habits through diversification of repetition sources. 

Seeing you, your friends, their friends, their book characters, their friends’ parents and your significant other also being a good person will also influence the person they will grow into.

Unfortunately, though, you can become a helicopter parent, controlling their life and overseeing everyone they play with. To provide a solid example of wellbeing is part of why I wrote the Beary Bear Being book series.

Beary Bear is a little mindful teddy bear that travels world, explores new cultures and leads his life in a mindful way.

❤️ This little bear will be a consistent source of positive examples children can learn from as they grow from age 3 to 8 years old and beyond!

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